Artist’s Statement


I’m a NYC-based director and artist. A little bit about me: I’m a transracial adoptee, meaning I was born biologically asian but raised in an all-white household by my Irish-American family. My upbringing as someone who is kind of in-between different identities and worlds has really influenced my approach to everything in life, especially my art. It’s sparked a strong interest in identity through storytelling – the stories that make up who we are. The stories we are told, the stories we tell, and the stories told about us.

lee milby

I started as an oil painter and performance artist, studying at Pratt and then The Cooper Union. I transitioned into video after developing a sensitivity to oil paint, but to me, it wasn’t that big of a leap from painting since I viewed paintings as if they were film stills from larger worlds.

lee milby painting cooper union lee milby painting

lee milby mark ressl

I worked as an event photo/videographer for a while before moving into film and narrative (as an art director/production designer). While the switch from painting to video was easy from a creative standpoint, it was super difficult to find support as a young woman of color on set. I was working with crews where I was the only woman and/or the only PoC – where crew called me “sweetheart” and “babe” and thought that everything I did was “cute” instead of respecting my work. I was told by my colleagues (and even my boyfriend at the time) that I would never succeed as a director – that I shouldn’t bother trying to direct anything because I would only fail.

lee milby videographer

Add to that, as a transracial adoptee, I’d never even heard of an asian woman director before. So it was difficult even for me to envision myself in the director’s seat.

lee milby project manager

Eventually I realized that I needed to be the change I wished to see in the world. I couldn’t wait for someone to give me a chance to direct, or to give me permission. I pulled my life savings together and produced/directed my first short film project – a project where on of my lead (SAG) actors told me I was the best director she had ever worked with, and that I should “never stop” directing.

lee milby film director nyc

lee milby directing film

lee milby video director

Inspired, I went on to direct indie music videos and other short indie narratives. I’ve worked with people from all over the world, with different religions, languages, political views, cultural traditions. I love having diverse crews, and try my best to make sure there is an equal balance of men and women on my sets. I also have edited many of my own projects, with my editing work winning multiple awards.

Eventually I started working as a storyboard artist for commercials, where I’ve been able to learn from and collaborate with established commercial directors with big brands such as Nickelodeon, Kate Spade, Ben & Jerry’s, Disney, Amazon, Samsung, and more.

Animatic playback on set greenscreen

Although my boarding work has allowed me to share my vision with directors and even call shots, it’s never opened doors for me as a director. And that’s where my heart is – directing!

Out of all the directors I’ve worked with as a commercial board artist, only a small percentage are women. I would love to be a part of changing the landscape of commercial directing work. I want to take my career to the next level and continuing to open doors for future film-hopefuls who were also told they’d never make it.