Author: Lee Milby

Senior Wilson Zapatillas Music Video Dubstuy

Today the new music video I directed for DUBSTUY RECORDSĀ  premiered– a funky lo-fi street style vid following sneakerhead vocalist Senior Wilson on his journey to search for the perfect sneaker. We begin our story in Times Square, New York City, then move on to Queens just a few train stops away. Before working on […]

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Jahdan Blakkamoore

Directed this newest music video for Dubstuy Records! Producer Von D and artist Jahdan Blakkamoore express a political allegory for our times. The video was based on a concept and treatment created by Cyril Dosnon (creative director and illustrator for Dubstuy Records‘ releases). The original plan involved a MUCH longer table and a cast of […]

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fire and wood by cellus hamilton

I met Cellus Hamilton one hipster night in Brooklyn when I decided on a whim to do a live painting performance at a local venue. Cellus happened to be a performer, and approached me while I was painting to introduce himself. Just a few weeks later, we would be shooting our first video together that […]

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