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fire and wood by cellus hamilton

Cellus Hamilton’s NEW Music Video Premiere for “Fire & Wood” Directed by Lee Milby

I met Cellus Hamilton one hipster night in Brooklyn when I decided on a whim to do a live painting performance at a local venue. Cellus happened to be a performer, and approached me while I was painting to introduce himself. Just a few weeks later, we would be shooting our first video together that would go on to get featured on, Pigeons & Planes, and many more publications, Read More

Lost in London Review

After seeing this unconventional yet charming trailer for Lost in London by Woody Harrelson, I was instantly intrigued. My friend showed it to me on Reddit, where people were furiously debating about the film’s legitimacy. “It’s like Woody Harrelson got high and forgot what a play was” one Redditor wrote. Like Woody says in the trailer, it could be brilliant, or a bomb. But despite the skepticism, the film’s format Read More

“HEADLIGHTS” Music Video Premiere on!

I’m so pleased to share the world premiere of this video I directed for Binx’s poetic summer ballad, “Headlights.” Check out the whole video on !!! Binx had seen my video direction work with Malka Red, and reached out about this fantastical new music video idea she had that was based on a dream. During our first skype call I loved her positive energy and dedication to her craft, Read More

Cellus Hamilton “Mojo” Music Video

One of the most rewarding things about producing and directing music videos is seeing the impact it makes for a musical artist’s career. Video can be a gateway into enjoying music– don’t get me wrong, songs can be enjoyed purely for their musical integrity, but a good music video can enhance the experience or tell a deeper story that the song alone may not express. I’m pleased to announce that in its Read More

OK Go Super Slow Motion Music Video – shot in 4.2 seconds

Sponsored by Morton Salt company, as part of their new marketing campaign “Walk Her Walk” (#walkherwalk). At first, the campaign seemed like it was something related to feminism or women’s rights (walkHERwalk), but after checking out the Morton website, it seems like it has something to do with walking = drive = moving forward + “The One Moment” = making a difference (one step/moment) at a time??? I don’t know… There’s no straightforward explanation Read More

Sia’s “The Greatest” Music Video hurts for all the right reasons

When an artist puts out a trailer for a music video, you know it’s going to be landmark. The first two times I watched “The Greatest” music video, I was captivated by the cinematography, color grading, and of course, the evolution of Ryan Heffington’s mesmerizing choreography. I wondered where they shot it (was this the same set as the “Chandelier” music video?) and wondered whether they had used a camera trick to accentuate the dancer’s Read More