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I got “into” photography in 2012 while collaborating with Christopher Duncan Saalbach-walsh. Before that, I had always considered photography “easy” and wrote most photos off as snapshots. But having a real photographer as my guide helped me to understand the value of still frames as its own artistic medium, how you could paint with light using an open shutter, or incorporate colored lights, clamp lights, strobes, shitty cameras, expensive cameras, film or digital, all kinds of fun apparatus to add a level of image control that I’d never realized before. I still don’t feel like a “photographer” even though I own 4 cameras and make most of my living off of photography work. But I feel a new appreciation and understanding for the art that I never had in college.

It’s interesting when you learn a new language for something, and gain a better understanding of it, then you can look back at all your experiences with the subject and see them in a new light. Appreciate something for its whole worth, and its history and not just its aesthetic appeal.

hair macro photography black and white

  Mark Ressl visited because his grandfather died, and he was taking a pit stop here in NYC on his way to Chicago post-funeral. A couple months ago I was on a date with someone and they got a call that their grandfather had died. Now in less than a couple months, I’m at the […]

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ruin porn

I couldn’t edit most of these because I don’t get home from work til late at night. Alone at my computer, with the early dark of fall outside and cold chills coming in, I felt more scared and paranoid while looking over these images in Lightroom than I did on site. While there, it felt […]

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My camera has this great setting that allows me to take square cropped pictures. To my knowledge, Canons nor Nikons have this ability, only my little Panasonic (GH2). It’s awesome! I find it so much easier to compose in-camera as opposed to making cropping decisions later on. I got an instagram account a while back, and became […]

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