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Coco + Liz Photoshoot / Videoshoot

coco and liz nyc style

My dear friend, DJ G.Brown introduced me to Miss Nazira Sacasa and her company, Coco + Liz. She needed a photographer to shoot her looks for spring/summer, so we organized a day shoot and I took photos and video using both my Canon and GH2. I learned a lot, working on a time crunch of only a few hours, switching between three looks and three locations, and wrangling two models at once. It was interesting trying to direct both of them, when they had different personalities and fortes. One of them was recently featured on Humans of New York!* (this would be the third person I’ve photographed or helped photograph who was featured on HONY)

Contact if you would like to work with me on a fashion photoshoot or video shoot.

coco and liz spring and summer fashion coco and liz spring and summer style coco and liz summer style coco and liz style coco and liz fashion

Fashion Photography, NYC. Here we were shooting in a park near the Bowery Mural. They yelled at us for climbing trees 😉 but our model was brave and the photo turned out fabulous!!coco and liz shopping coco and liz fashion

Love that natural shining sunlight!coco and liz coco and Liz

New York street fashion photography style, using both natural light (above) or external flash (below).coco and Liz