CUNY’s Got Talent, Event Coverage

CUNY's Got Talent

First Annual CUNY’s Got Talent Show and Awards Ceremony, Thursday May 15th 2014 at Kaye Playhouse, Hunter College.

I will be uploading more video and stills from this fabulously impressive night. For now, here is a video of the award winners!

I was invited to the show by my friend and fabulous violinist, Yut Chia, who represented his college with his band of musicians, Yut and the Hot Four (Carol Yin Ma, Lorenzo Kim Sandi, Lenaé A. Harris, Marcel Javori) I mostly focused on covering their performance and behind the scenes experience, but as the night went on, I was so blown away by CUNY’s many talented performers that I found myself wanting to capture every moment!

CUNY's Got Talent
Lorenzo Kim Sandi and Marcel Javori, of Yut and the Hot Four
CUNY Got Talent
Yut and the Hot Four perform and win an award at CUNY’s Got Talent! An event at Hunter College.

Unfortunately, my batteries started running low mid way through, (I was only prepared to do video of Yut’s performance and a little extra), so I was only able to capture clips of a few performances, including the one who won second place in the competition. I will be uploading everything I got in due time, so stay tuned!

Josetta Naliaka Adams for City College performed an original poem and song, very folksy and soulful. You could tell the words and lyrics really came from the heart, from somewhere pure and bold. She effortlessly captivated the audience, with nothing more than her voice and her guitar.

Anna Ugrekhelidze for the College of Staten Island doing a cover of the song “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen… which everyone tells me I REALLY need to see! Anna had an awesomely powerful voice, and dressed the part!

The Wanted Ashiqz offers original entertainment and a well practiced set. Their music was perfectly mixed, their choreography was exciting and kept you guessing about what would happen next! Their performance was video-game themed, so nerds everywhere should get a special kick out of this.