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Fashion Video NYC: Nicholas Javaid & Lee Milby

fashion video nyc production

This is a behind-the-scenes fashion video I created while on a shoot with Nicholas Javaid, photographer extraordinaire! It was great working on and around the High Line. It’s probably my favorite shooting location in New York City other than Wall Street.

Shot on my hacked GH2, at 60fps. Enjoyed the color correction during post, going for a cool, appealing overall look for the video. Details of the garments such as the dangling elements on the “flapper” style dresses, and sequins were great for shooting.
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fashion video nyc
Beautiful garments were chosen for this shoot.
fashion video maker nyc
Photographer, Nicholas Javaid at the helm.

I loved shooting during golden hour (as the sun was setting), and am always a fan of backlighting and cinematic lighting situations, so this was really fun for me.

fashion video nyc
I love capturing the movement of the models as they pose before a camera.
fashion video producer nyc
Walking on those old NYC cobblestones were killer in heels! But nothing beats this kind of cinematic, dramatic video.