Fashion Video

Fashion Video Production, NYC: Lee Milby

Fashion Video shot for Coco + Liz. This was a one-day dual fashion photo and video shoot, where I brought double the equipment! It was a hectic day, but the results were great and everyone on crew was wonderful to work with.

We shot against and around the Bowery Mural. The garden was actually right across the street from it, and kudos to our model who was brave enough to climb that tree!

This is a behind-the-scenes fashion video I created while on a shoot with Nicholas Javaid. It was great working on and around the High Line during Golden Hour when the sun was warm and gave the models an ethereal look. The High Line is probably my favorite shooting location in New York City, other than the iconic locations of Wall Street.

Production Notes: Shot on my hacked GH2, at 60fps. Enjoyed the color correction during post, going for a cool, appealing overall look for the video. Details of the garments such as the dangling elements on the “flapper” style dresses, and sequins were great for shooting.

Up and coming model and actor, Vincent Cooper stars in this short portfolio piece shot in Brooklyn, NY. He was applying to a modeling agency in Paris, so black and white seemed best to convey a “haute” persona.

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