Self portrait Lee Milby (2 of 3)
At a wedding gig at the Pratt mansions
asian selfie nyc (2 of 2)
After a meeting at the Asia Society, where I felt totally out of place and ended up leaving that bag of stuff in the bathroom
Picking up $50 deposit from an extremely rich Indian family for some graduation photos
asian selfie nyc (2 of 5)
Myself in the bathroom of a train either coming from or to Long Island to photograph my first wedding gig
asian selfie nyc (3 of 5)
Myself after getting kicked out of 5 pointz for taking photos without a permit. I guess they are bulldozing that historic building now, what a waste
asian selfie nyc (4 of 5)
After getting hit on by some construction workers
asian selfie nyc (5 of 5)
After riding the subway with a fake injury installed on my face from a Zombie-themed party in the City
Waiting outside of a potentially burning building for my friend to meet me

A collection of selfies. Or rather, documentary photos of myself in different situations.

asian selfie nyc (1 of 2)
After a shoot for a charity organization who creates birthday packages for disadvantaged children, at Columbia University
selfie (1 of 1)
In the bathroom at the premiere of a video collaboration with dancer Jessica Chen

Originally I was going to do a selfie in every bathroom I would ever encounter. I still want to make this a bathroom-centric series, but for now, I will post all the selfies I have. It’s interesting to think of the different ways I have been seen in the many places I’ve been.