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Abandoned Mental Asylum in Jersey

I couldn’t edit most of these because I don’t get home from work til late at night. Alone at my computer, with the early dark of fall outside and cold chills coming in, I felt more scared and paranoid while looking over these images in Lightroom than I did on site. While there, it felt peaceful, as if the place was ready to die. The bulldozers had come, there was Read More

director of photography Lee Milby

Paintings for Film, 48 Hour Film Project NYC

I was hired by a director who wished to participate in the 2014, 48 hour film fest. The film happened to end up with an artist as a protagonist, so I was able to contribute many things the production in terms of props and set dressing. Going into this, I really had no idea what to expect. But it sounded fun and the competition was something that I’d always wanted to Read More

drug paraphenalia props

Art Direction and Film Set Dressing for Drug Den

Drug den set in all its glory. Art Direction by Lee Milby. Recently, I was hired by Director Ryan Halazs for an upcoming music video with Carl Man. Based on the script and treatment, I immediately had a strong vision of what the bad guy’s drug den should look like. I started sketching out ideas for lighting positioning and composition, and luckily the location we chose (Art Factory in Patterson, NJ) had Read More

Books Painting

Books, painted from life from my book collection. This was one that literally consumed my life for a few months. I could get to doing about 4-5 books a day, getting up at 5am so that I could paint only using natural light coming in through my window. I painted each by holding the book in my hand, and you can see some marks or shadows where my thumb was Read More

Hands Painting

A collection of hands gathered at Washington Square Park one fine Saturday.   Details of the hands painting. I made it a point to avoid using any black in this painting, and instead layer on transparent pigments: quinacridone violet, alyzarin crimson, pthalo blue, and sap green. The goal was a complex grey, so I was also careful not to use any true whites, and instead layered on alternating flake and Read More

cool satellite images

Satellite Image Blog, Satellite-Delight A couple of years ago, while I was collaborating a lot with Christopher, I was also looking at a lot of Google Satellite images. I would start by visiting a place I had never been, or wished to go some day, and follow any rivers or interesting roads, colors, textures, capturing screenshots like a tourist snapping photos. It became sweet sadness for me to realize that most of these locations Read More