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Mark Ressl Cooper Union

Mark Ressl Project: Recovering Wood for Reuse

Mark Ressl, Lala and Jared are trying to reuse as many materials from NYC waste as possible to aid in the development of the Saugerties Permaculture Farm Project. This week, an art fabrication shop in Queens generously donated used wood panels in the form of floor decks (used for fabricating the window displays for flagship stores, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor). About 1000 sq ft of floor decking was disassembled, and will be used to build the Read More

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Tune Farm Certified Organic Grower, Alabama

Mark and I went on a research trip to Alabama to explore new ways of living, aesthetics, and projects. Our friend Pete Halupka is a farmer at the Tune Farm (Harvest Roots Farm), which is a fairly new organic project that Pete and the other residents are working to develop. Jars for fermenting foods such as kombucha Pete’s old school work station. He deals with a lot of digital issues in Read More