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Abandoned Mental Asylum in Jersey

I couldn’t edit most of these because I don’t get home from work til late at night. Alone at my computer, with the early dark of fall outside and cold chills coming in, I felt more scared and paranoid while looking over these images in Lightroom than I did on site. While there, it felt peaceful, as if the place was ready to die. The bulldozers had come, there was Read More

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Tune Farm Certified Organic Grower, Alabama

Mark and I went on a research trip to Alabama to explore new ways of living, aesthetics, and projects. Our friend Pete Halupka is a farmer at the Tune Farm (Harvest Roots Farm), which is a fairly new organic project¬†that Pete and the other residents are working to develop. Jars for fermenting foods such as kombucha Pete’s old school work station. He deals with a lot of digital issues in Read More

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Diner Party

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Chaotic Slideshow to Live music


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Gear Factory No More

The gear shop was closed down, I suppose. They didn’t even have email. John was a nice enough man, I’m sure it saddened him to see the factory that his father founded diminish over time… changing without the times These gears were made to operate in equally old machines. He produced specialty parts for overseas and across America. Perhaps, like the gear shop, those businesses and machines will fall into Read More

Effie Ibok

Photos by Effie Ibok

Photos of me by my friend Effie.

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