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drug paraphenalia props

Art Direction and Film Set Dressing for Drug Den

Drug den set in all its glory. Art Direction by Lee Milby. Recently, I was hired by Director Ryan Halazs for an upcoming music video with Carl Man. Based on the script and treatment, I immediately had a strong vision of what the bad guy’s drug den should look like. I started sketching out ideas for lighting positioning and composition, and luckily the location we chose (Art Factory in Patterson, NJ) had Read More

Books Painting

Books, painted from life from my book collection. This was one that literally consumed my life for a few months. I could get to doing about 4-5 books a day, getting up at 5am so that I could paint only using natural light coming in through my window. I painted each by holding the book in my hand, and you can see some marks or shadows where my thumb was Read More

A Day in Soft Light: Study in square cropped photos

My camera has this great setting that allows me to take square cropped pictures. To my knowledge, Canons nor Nikons have this ability, only my little Panasonic (GH2). It’s awesome! I find it so much easier to compose in-camera as opposed to making cropping decisions later on. I got an instagram account a while back, and became attracted to the idea of a square composition. I’ve always been into iconic imagery, especially Read More


On September 11th, planes were used as weapons. In the sky, they always seemed like toys to me, so very small and far. It was fun to pinch one between my fingers, pretend I could snatch it out of the sky like some demi-god. In fact, it takes a lot more than a single person’s will to take a plane off its track. Or does it? I followed the planes Read More

Long Exposures in Midtown, 3am

The shops still glowed, serving no one Empty seats Pedestrians became spectors Shadows of slow walkers, the speed of light Cars stood still Step, step, step I was walking home at 3am after taking the train the wrong way 7 stops. I decided to walk it back. I have always loved how useless all the stores look late at night in NYC. How they remain pristine for the next day, showing Read More

Visit to the Domino Sugar Factory, Kara Walker Art Exhibit

Of course race and history were the primary discussions going on here, but it really bothered me that the statues were not fully made of sugar. That the process had not been perfected or concluded, and that instead we were given mock-ups or props that represented the idea instead of the real thing. Maybe I’m a purist, but I felt a little gypped. Looking up at the biggest attraction, the Read More