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Vincent Cooper Fashion Video

Vincent Cooper Male Model

For this video, I chose a rather desolate part of Brooklyn to shoot. The sunset allowed for nice bright shadows, to properly display his skin and form. I’m a fan of backlighting, which was abundant during our first shoot.

My instinct is always to give imagery a cinematic edge. As we were walking around, I saw so many beautiful shots that couldn’t be included in the final vid because they didn’t fit! I first did a rough cut with no sound, and then went in an tightened up the time frame and syncing to a beat-dependent tune. It was surprisingly hard to find a suitable song to match the imagery for this. The original rough of 5 or so minutes was cut down to the current 1.5 minutes.

Vincent has a very unique facial structure, and from every angle he has a totally different look! His angular body frame is dynamic and light. Because his facial features are so large, he’s the perfect model for playing dramatic parts, in video and in photograph. I later took some photos of him to be used as reference images for some upcoming paintings, and he was a delight to work with! He takes direction wonderfully, and his look is totally arresting in stills, commanding the whole image.

We did a second shoot to tie up loose ends and get some more required shots for the video’s submission to a Paris fashion agency. Good luck, Vincent!

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