Winning an Award for Best Music Video at the Ocktober Film Festival

Film Festival Award Win

It’s official! Our music video for the track “Crazy” by the artist J-Key just won an award for Best Music Video at the Ocktober Film Fest!

This year, I’m astonished at the overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received for this music video. At the screenings where I’ve had the honor to sit in the audience, the video always gets a reaction of gasps and surprise. This isn’t a typical music video- it’s a narrative that tells a story with subtlety and twists. Even when the video has screened at noisier, less formal events, I noticed that the crowd always quiets down around mid-way through to watch the story unfold. It’s truly incredible to witness. I WISH that I had been able to attend more film fests in person this year, but many have gone virtual with online viewings instead, or have held very minimalist screenings. I wasn’t able to attend the Ocktober Film Fest in person this year, but when I got the email that we’d won in our category, I was so excited!

Film Freeway Award Win Notification
I got an email that notified me that our project was officially designated as an award winning film.

Thank you to the judges and festival organizers for their support of this project. Every win re-enforces our drive to continue creating original, artistic, narrative films.