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Chua Yun Chun Dance Shoot with Lee Milby & Sharan Kukreja

lee milby video

I recently did a test video shoot with fabulous dancer, Chua Yun Chun! My video partner and I wanted to test the FS700 camera in anticipation of a future music video shoot. I thought it would be ideal to have someone as the subject of the video so that we could practice more techniques, so I put a call out on facebook to find a dancer who was free that weekend and wanted some extra video for their reel.

Lee Milby video director film nyc
Chua Yun Chun, Lee Milby, Sharan Kukreja

Chun had incredible energy and was a delight to work with. She was so happy to take direction and to put her all into every performance.

lee milby video director nyc

Two friends of ours, Jeff and Omid, also showed up to help out on set!

Omid (far right) even offered to edit the footage after seeing the beautiful results of the slomo test.

lee milby video

Chun was worried about her tummy not being fit after the holidays, but we all thought she looked amazing and we couldn’t be more happy¬†to have her on this shoot.lee milby video

Sharan manned the camera and Director of Photography’d while I directed him and Chun. It was challenging for Chun to dance at high speeds in order for us to get the most out of the 240 FPS slow motion video. The faster she could move, the more interesting effects we could achieve in-camera. But moving fast while moving precisely during a freestyle is a challenge.lee milby video

The resulting test video is diverse and beautiful.

Check out an instagram vid here

chua yun chun dancer

Finished video coming soon!