OK Go Super Slow Motion Music Video – shot in 4.2 seconds

morton salt walk her walk

Sponsored by Morton Salt company, as part of their new marketing campaign “Walk Her Walk” (#walkherwalk). At first, the campaign seemed like it was something related to feminism or women’s rights (walkHERwalk), but after checking out the Morton website, it seems like it has something to do with walking = drive = moving forward + “The One Moment” = making a difference (one step/moment) at a time??? I don’t know… There’s no straightforward explanation on the site, and even the Morton facebook responses are cryptic.

morton salt facebook
The SEO in me says they should take advantage of the immediate spike in audience engagement to spread their message NOW instead of trying to extend the hype for a later date. People will lose interest, their attention will be pulled toward the next great meme, and all that good publicity will be gone… just my 2 ¢

OK Go clarifies on their own website, but the explanation is still wordy:

What role did Morton Salt play, and what is #WalkHerWalk?

Morton Salt have recently launched a campaign to support a group of people who are bravely making a positive difference in the world. They’ve pledged funding and assistance to incredibly inspiring and effective young innovators who are tackling difficult issues like the global water crisis, the plight of young female refugees, systemic failures in arts and music education, and children’s health and wellness education. The slogan for this campaign is #WalkHerWalk, a reference to the girl in their iconic logo, and you can learn more about the innovators and the many facets of the campaign at

Morton was moved by the message of “The One Moment,” and felt it captured the spirit of what they are trying to do with #WalkHerWalk, so they reached out to us and asked if we were interested in making art with their salt – a video that could fly the banner for their initiative. We were impressed with their efforts to support positive change, so we proposed this idea, and together we collaborated to bring this video to life.

But despite the vague concept, the company is giving great exposure to 5 charities, so that’s pretty cool. I’m also glad to see a corporation giving a band carte blanche to make an amazingly entertaining music video, instead of having them fill the vid with intrusive branding! The video was posted less than 24 hours ago, and has already racked up nearly 2million views on YouTube.

ok go slow motion music video
Super subtle branding!
ok go the moment music video 5
Each color ball was dropped in time to the music. Details like this elevate the music video from a bunch of simple tricks to a masterpiece of modern videography.
ok go slow motion music video
Slow motion explosions and great use of color, texture… and AN EXTREMELY BRAVE BAND-MATE.

Check it out:

And for those curious about how they pulled off this magnanimous feat of precision, check out their newly released Behind the Scenes vid below:

One thing I find most impressive about this project’s workflow is how strong Director / Lead Singer Damian Kulash’s vision was, and how trusting his band mates were that it was going to look good in the end. Dan Konopka, the drummer notes: “On the ride to the shoot, sometimes I’m like, ‘I dunno how I feel about this idea…’ but when I get there, I let it go.”

ok go the moment music video 5

The greatest challenge of a director is translating your ideas to other people, and it takes a strong leader with a clear vision to get people on board and to accomplish something of such magnitude and precision.

ok go slow motion music video

Read background notes to learn more about how this project came together, and view a full credits list of crew on the OK Go website here.


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