hair macro photography black and white

hair follicles macro photography black and white  hair macro photography black and white

Mark Ressl visited because his grandfather died, and he was taking a pit stop here in NYC on his way to Chicago post-funeral. A couple months ago I was on a date with someone and they got a call that their grandfather had died. Now in less than a couple months, I’m at the Met with Mark and he gets a call that his grandfather died as well. I feel like a curse is upon me.

Anyway, about these photos: Mark stayed at my house and was using my computer. I snapped these shots on my GH2 and new macro lens while he was surfing the net. I was shooting in black and white and had the on-camera flash going. I used to hate the on-camera and only used external flashes, but like any tool it’s all about knowing where and when to sue it. I love how silvery and harsh it makes the hair look here. For such a close range subject, it was exactly what I needed to get those details such as the flakes of skin or the breaks in the hair strands to shine.

VERY minimal editing in Lightroom before exporting. In-camera I had upped the sharpness and contrast, so there wasn’t much post-work to be done.

Here’s some bonus photos. I don’t like these as much because they are too obvious. I prefer the more abstract pictures, but these still have some merit.

mark hair macros 1000px (10 of 11) mark hair macros 1000px (11 of 11) mark hair macros 1000px (1 of 11)