Collaborations with Christopher Duncan Saalbach-Walsh

Met you Half-Way

Performance at the Metropolican Museum of Art

This was a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Since the statues and paintings at the Met are not very mobile, they cannot easily communicate.  Sadly, one piece of art may never get the chance to meet another piece from another wing, even though they all live in the same museum. We thought this was tragic, so we decided to arrange a match-making service.

We took photographs of sculptures and paintings from one side of the Met and showed them to sculptures and paintings at the other side of the museum, sending along a few flowers and messages of good will. We composed couples who we thought would get along well, although the reactions were sometimes adverse or apathetic. We tried our best to encourage future communications and the possibilities of having relationships with pieces of other cultures and forms, with mixed reactions.

We documented each match, and left flowers at the foot of the statues and artworks we worked with.