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performance art

Drawings with Markitecture, Tape, and Boxes

Mark Ressl posed as my subject for this body installation. Seriously fell in love with this white space and use of blocks. Mark was a trooper. We had a lot of fun experimenting in this space on other projects.

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Performance at the Metropolican Museum of Art

Met you Half-Way

This was a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since the statues and paintings at the Met are not very mobile, they cannot easily communicate.  Sadly, one piece of art may never get the chance to meet another piece from another wing, even though they all live in the same museum. We thought this was tragic, so we decided to arrange a match-making service. We took photographs of sculptures Read More

sketchup architectural design

Sketchup Mockups

Sketchup is a very easy to learn, free program that you can use to render mockups of all kinds of 3-D spaces. Here are some simple things I’ve made.  

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