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Lost in London Review

After seeing this unconventional yet charming trailer for Lost in London by Woody Harrelson, I was instantly intrigued. My friend showed it to me on Reddit, where people were furiously debating about the film’s legitimacy. “It’s like Woody Harrelson got high and forgot what a play was” one Redditor wrote. Like Woody says in the trailer, it could be brilliant, or a bomb. But despite the skepticism, the film’s format Read More

“HEADLIGHTS” Music Video Premiere on!

I’m so pleased to share the world premiere of this video I directed for Binx’s poetic summer ballad, “Headlights.” Check out the whole video on !!! Binx had seen my video direction work with Malka Red, and reached out about this fantastical new music video idea she had that was based on a dream. During our first skype call I loved her positive energy and dedication to her craft, Read More

Visit to the Domino Sugar Factory, Kara Walker Art Exhibit

Of course race and history were the primary discussions going on here, but it really bothered me that the statues were not fully made of sugar. That the process had not been perfected or concluded, and that instead we were given mock-ups or props that represented the idea instead of the real thing. Maybe I’m a purist, but I felt a little gypped. Looking up at the biggest attraction, the Read More

Protected: Jessica Chen Project Clip Gallery

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Mark Ressl Cooper Union

Mark Ressl Project: Recovering Wood for Reuse

Mark Ressl, Lala and Jared are trying to reuse as many materials from NYC waste as possible to aid in the development of the Saugerties Permaculture Farm Project. This week, an art fabrication shop in Queens generously donated used wood panels in the form of floor decks (used for fabricating the window displays for flagship stores, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor). About 1000 sq ft of floor decking was disassembled, and will be used to build the Read More

cool satellite images

Satellite Image Blog, Satellite-Delight A couple of years ago, while I was collaborating a lot with Christopher, I was also looking at a lot of Google Satellite images. I would start by visiting a place I had never been, or wished to go some day, and follow any rivers or interesting roads, colors, textures, capturing screenshots like a tourist snapping photos. It became sweet sadness for me to realize that most of these locations Read More