Music Video WINS Best Hip Hop Music Video at the LA Music Video Awards!!!

WInner LA Film Music Video Awards

I’m honored to announce that the music video for the track “Crazy” by the artist J-Key has the distinct honor of winning the award for Best Hip Hop Music Video at the prestigious LA Music Video Awards, 2020!

Award Winning Hip Hop Video NYC

The LA Music Video Awards is one of the most competitive and renowned film festivals for music video directors, and we are so humbled and grateful for the honor. There were many great, high production value music videos on the roster this year, with incredible narratives, creativity, and cinematography that was simply off the charts.

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Our video was nominated in both the “Best Horror Music Video” and “Best Hip Hop Music Video” categories. I had high hopes for “Best Horror” due to the spooky nature of our video, with it’s bloody and ominous scenes. The Hop Hop category, being the most competitive in any competition, seemed almost impossible to win. When they announced “And the winner is, ‘Crazy’ by J-Key, Directed by Lee Milby” I was completely shocked. Still am!

Best Horror Music Video

Winning an award at the LA Music Video Awards was a dream of mine that came true this summer. Between all the darkness and chaos that’s been happening this year, winning this award was truly a spark of hope. The film industry has been hit so hard recently, with productions all over New York City completely shutting down. Film festivals, including this one, were moved from in-person theatrical venues to virtual screenings instead.

Best Music Video Award

But we have to continue making art. We have to continue finding things to celebrate and to support each other in our individual creative endeavors. Maybe now more than ever.

Art reflects life. Art helps us reflect on life.

Award Winning Music Video Director NYC

We’ve already won several accolades and awards for this music video in the past, but this was really a special honor. Thank you to organizer Jowanna, and thank you to the LA Music Video Awards for letting the world know that our Hip Hop Music Video is the BEST of 2020!

Best Crazy Horror Music Video Award

Directed by Lee Milby


Artist / The Lost Man: J-Key

Girlfriend / Nurse: Lis Willis

Flirt / Orderly: Lee Cruz


Producer / Editor / Color Grade: Lee Milby

Assistant Director: Sharan Kukreja

Director of Photography: Ryan Mooney

Gaffer: Moe LaRena

Key Grip: Lucane

Makeup Artist: Aria Ferraro

WInner LA Film Music Video Awards